Wireless Camera Mysteries: What Does Battery Life Have To Do With Security Cameras?

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With security issues augmenting over the past few years, it is necessary for folk to add safety features like wireless cameras so as to protect themselves, their family members and their possessions. Robberies and burglaries occur most everywhere but people can now employ security wireless cameras as one way to handle these security breaks.

You may have noticed that wireless security cameras are installed just about everywhere. You will have seen them in banks, for example, because banks store massive amounts of money ; or in malls as a deterrent to be certain that customers do not swipe what the stores offer for sale. You can also find security cameras in factories and firms, typically to watch their workers.

Another thing you'll also notice about security cameras is that a number of them use electricity that comes from power outlets, while other do not appear to have any wires in any way. Wireless video cameras do exist and they work off batteries. Such security camera systems are a good alternative for areas where there are no power outlets. There are 2 sorts of batteries - dry cell which must always be disposed of as soon as their power has been drained ; and wet cell which shouldn't be ditched when their power ends. Instead, these wet cell or in-built batteries can be recharged, but the downside is they usually have a shorter lifespan compared against that of dry cell batteries, which can last for days or perhaps weeks, while most wet cell batteries won't last a week. Wet cell batteries are always costlier than the dry cells. While you can generally buy dry cell batteries for about $3, you could pay as much as more than $200 for the best wet cell batteries!

So , next time you buy a security camera, it's going to be smart to inquire about the battery such as whether the camera uses dry or wet cell batteries. If it uses dry cell batteries, ask how many batteries it uses, more dry cell batteries means more power. If it uses wet cell batteries, ask if they are lithium ion which last longer.

Probably the number one source of wireless cameras needs to be the Net. Before you go to your local store just take a second to check online and you will find lots of the same cameras for sale at way lower prices.

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Wireless Camera Mysteries: What Does Battery Life Have To Do With Security Cameras?

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This article was published on 2010/11/24