Qualcomm collaborate to increase Nokia phone battery life

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Nokia and Qualcomm have a proprietary solution to stop your mobile phone battery draining out too quickly. For, believe it or not, your phone battery's capacity to hold charge is just part of the problem -- a bigger monster lurks within the telecom operator, and the phone having to stay constantly in touch with it.

Nokia Siemens Network and Qualcomm have sucessfully tested a new feature between smartphones and networks that will benefit both handsets and telecom operators: improved battery life for phones and less network congestion for operators.

Since mobile phones are in a state of "always on" to receive constant app updates and messages, a handset's battery drains very quickly. To tackle this issue, the existing approach deployed by mobile phones is to rapidly disconnect themselves from the network after sending/receiving information -- this is called fast dormancy. But this in turn leads to network congestion, according to Nokia Siemens.

But now, Nokia and Qualcomm have successfully tested an improved version of fast dormancy which will preserve and prolong a phone's battery life without adding to network congestion. For this to work efficiently, both smartphones and telecom operators have to implement the standard fast dormancy feature. And it's widely expected this new fast dormancy feature to be adopted across the telecom industry early next year.

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Qualcomm collaborate to increase Nokia phone battery life

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This article was published on 2010/10/21