Phuket living: When everything goes wrong call Dr Jock

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Last week was one of those weeks.

You've heard about everything coming in threes.

Well, last week that was definitely true...

My car wouldn't start, the lighting system in my house broke and, worst of all, the toilets in my house were blocked.

I don't remember breaking any mirrors.

But I was certainly down on my luck.

Now, if I had these problems back in England it would cost me a small fortune.

Even worse, I'd spend hours on the phone with mechanics, plumbers and engineers comparing quotes.

And then it would be days before they came out to ‘have a look’ – at my expense of course.

In the end I'd get a big bill for my trouble.

But luckily I’m not in the UK – I’m in Phuket, Thailand.

So I called Dr Jock.

He is not a real Doctor. He looks after my garden and maintains my house.

But his talents don’t end there...

He had a quick look at my car - then disappeared.

Ten minutes later he was back - mechanic in tow!

"It's the battery. It's going to cost 3,500 Baht. OK?" He asked me.

"Yes, of course. But are you sure it is the battery?" I replied.

I've had enough cars to be wise to mechanic’s tricks.

And I didn't want to replace the battery only to find out it was some other problem.

"You can have the new battery for a few days. If the car doesn't work after that, you don't have to pay" the mechanic said.

Can you imagine that?  A new battery on loan. No chance of that in England.

It turns out he was right.  I've been using that battery for a week now and my car is fine.

The lighting system was a bigger problem.

To cut a long story short - it turned out to be the power supply.

But a new part had to come from the US. It would take weeks and cost me an arm and a leg.

In stepped Dr Jock...

He took the faulty part to Amorn.

If you don't know Amorn, it’s an Aladdin's Cave of electronics next to Big C supermarket in Phuket.

"I can fix. One hour. One thousand Baht" the engineer at Amorn told Dr Jock.

And that was it - problem solved.

So, the only thing left was the toilets.

I will spare you the gory details.

But Dr Jock called a man with a van who fixed them pretty fast.

I was impressed.

All 3 problems sorted in just a few hours.

What did all this cost me?

6,500 Baht (US$ 210).

I don’t think I’ll be feeling homesick for England any time soon.

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Phuket living: When everything goes wrong call Dr Jock

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Phuket living: When everything goes wrong call Dr Jock

This article was published on 2011/10/27