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Optoma is aware of a matter of two about projectors, so it can be no surprise which the PK301 just isn't only tiny and light-weight, but built with all the similar top quality as its bigger siblings. This pico pumps out a comparatively bright image, and we truly recognize the handy focusing ring. Having said that, the PK301's relatively high value and shorter battery existence keep it back. And you have to jump through some hoops to view PowerPoints.


The Optoma PK301 seems like 1 in the corporation's much larger projectors was still left in the dryer very extended. The rectangular device measures four.7 x 2.7 x one.two ins and weighs a light 8 ounces. It is all black, conserve for that chrome-colored focusing ring across the lens, along with the sides have vertical slats to make it possible for air in.

Around the back of the unit are inputs for its 24-pin universal connector, mini-HDMI, audio out, A/V in, microUSB, and strength. On the suitable facet is usually a microSD Credit card slot, and also the bottom houses the battery plus a tripod mount. The PK301 comes having a lightly padded event.

The PK301 is additionally bundled with an adapter cable that connects the universal port to VGA. a two.5mm-to-component connector, plus a USB cable. Sadly, the integrated documentation--a straightforward fold-out pamphlet--is skimpy compared to your 160-page, 16-language booklet that can come using the Samsung SP-H03 projector.


On the leading with the PK301 is usually a 4-way thrust-button navigation pad with two extra buttons for Menu and input resource. The all-black buttons will be impossible to work with were they not backlit blue. The PK301's on-screen selections are straightforward to know--the major menu lets you select involving RAM (settings), microSD, USB, and Investigation--nevertheless it's simplistic compared to that around the Samsung SP-H03. Moreover, the background from the menu fades to black and it looks much like the image is obtaining lower away from, which is alarming the first time you use it.


Whilst pico projectors are certainly not planning to rival complete-size projectors when it comes to brightness, we located the rated 50 lumens of your PK-301 to generally be a lot ample in the darkened room. The brightness may also be turned decrease to 20 lumens in Regular mode. Despite the fact that its native resolution is 854 x 480 pixels, the PK301 is capable of venture photographs up to 1080i. It supports 3GP, AVI, MOV, and MPEG-four video clip formats, and BMP and JPEG images.

We identified the focusing ring being really exact. It acquired the correct quantity of stiffness making sure that we didn't should force it into location, and did not think like it would drift out of emphasis. Nevertheless, we desire there was an anti-keystoning attribute so the PK301 didn't have to be for the identical amount because the image it projected.

Also in contrast to the Samsung SP-H03 as well as the 3M Mpro150, the PK301 cannot natively view PowerPoint shows; you will need to first join the projector to your ntoebook by way of USB and set up the ArcSoft Media Converter a few software program that is around the projector by itself. In order to view a PowerPoint, you must drag and drop information to the Advertising Converter three or more app, which will then exchange the presentation to your projector. Also note that this application converts the presentation to static images, and that means you drop any animation and sound.

Battery Daily life and Guarantee

While projector companies are usually hyperbolic in their promises, the PK301's stated battery everyday life of 1 hour (in 20 lumen mode) was very near to correct; the battery died soon after 56 minutes of taking part in a movie continually. Nonetheless, the Samsung SP-H03's battery lasted 40 minutes for a longer period. Optoma sells an extended battery pack that it promises presents greater than 5 several hours of enjoying time.


You will find some points we like regarding the Optoma PK301; of the many pico projectors we have examined not too long ago, it's the simplest and most precise to concentrate, and it has a good variety of connection choices. It can be images are also pretty bright. Nevertheless, we prefer the Samsung SP-H03, which is not as much high priced, has more time battery existence, and can exhibit PowerPoints natively.
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Optoma Pk301 Analyze - Pico Pocket Dlp Projector

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This article was published on 2011/04/03