Know Battery Problems in a Toughbook CF-50

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A Toughbook CF-50 is a laptop computer manufactured by Panasonic. A laptop can be powered using an AC power adapter and electrical outlet or a laptop battery pack. Laptop battery packs are designed to last approximately one to two years or 300 to 450 charges and recharges. During that time, the battery slowly begins to lose efficiency and the length that the battery can power the laptop for slowly diminishes. Eventually the battery will lose the ability to hold a charge. However, before spending money on a replacement battery, clean the battery and troubleshoot the battery and AC adapter to ensure the battery is the problem.

1. Turn off the Toughbook CF-50. Unplug the laptop from any power sources.

2. Press the battery-release button, located on the underside of the laptop. While pressing the button, slide the battery out of the housing unit.

3. Plug the AC adapter jack into the outlet on the side of the laptop. Plug the opposite end of the AC adapter into an electrical outlet.

4. Turn on the Toughbook CF-50. If it does not power on, the AC adapter is not working correctly and should be replaced. If, after being replaced, the AC adapter still won't power the laptop, the laptop will need to be taken to a professional. There may be a short in the laptop or the power adapter outlet may need to be replaced. Turn the laptop off and remove the adapter.

5. Clean the battery contacts on both the battery and housing unit with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

6. Slide the battery back into the battery housing unit.

7. Insert the AC adapter into the laptop outlet. Allow the battery to charge for four hours. Remove the AC adapter.

8. Turn on the laptop. If the laptop won't turn on, the battery is dead and should be replaced. Likewise, if the battery doesn't power the laptop for longer than 30 minutes using battery power, replace it.


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Know Battery Problems in a Toughbook CF-50

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This article was published on 2011/01/01