How To Replace A Razor Scooter Battery

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Razor produces a fabulous line of electric powered scooters which are very affordable, enjoyable and also simple to ride. The razor can attain speeds of up to 10mph and these types of scooters are not merely a favorite plaything intended for kids, but a transport mode of preference for city grown ups. Razor scooters are generally a simple item to maintain. Probably the most complex matter you might have to perform will be to change the battery pack should it begin to reduce in its capability to maintain a charge. You may exchange the Razor scooter battery pack, regardless of what model you might have, effortlessly.


Items You may need:

* Phillips head screwdriver

1. Remove the 4 anchoring screws on the top of the deck using a Phillips head screwdriver. After that raise the deck from the framework. You will observe the battery packs within the inner compartment beneath the deck.

2. Take the accessory cable (that will be attached to the battery) and follow it towards the white-colored plug-in connection which connects it to the electrical wiring harness of the scooter. Push both tabs on the side in and take the connectors apart. For those who have a E100/E125/E150/E175 version, you should have 2 power packs. Both of their connectors have to be segregated from the scooter wiring harness. Remove the battery from the inner compartment.

3. Position your brand-new battery pack inside the compartment. You will find a brand new battery for many of the Razor scooters at virtually any auto supply retailer, scooter shop or big box retail outlet. Ensure that the battery will be seated level to the bottom part of the compartment. Connect the accessory wire coming from the new battery directly in to the wiring harness, it's going to have the identical connection as the one you recently disconnected. Merely press the 2 halves of the connectors together till the tabs click firmly into position. Restore the deck on to the compartment and screw it down.
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How To Replace A Razor Scooter Battery

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This article was published on 2011/01/25