how to keep Dell Inspiron 6400 AC Adapter

in Battery

"Warning: Battery Unidentified. The System will be unable to charge the battery."

I'm greeted with this message when I turned on my computer today. Sweet. Well, at least it'll boot. This just happened about ten minutes ago, and it seems to be charging and able to run off battery, so I'm not sure if there's a REAL problem yet, but still... I don't like seeing messages like that.

So here's the story, I bought the 9-cell upgrade battery from DELL when I bought my Inspiron 1501 about 15 months ago. It was working just fine until about a month ago, when I realized that when I ran my battery low, XP would tell me that I had 40% battery left (and an estimated hour and a half run time), when it would flash a critical battery warning 10 minutes later, and the computer would hibernate. First of all, it's a real pain to not have a reliable battery gauge, but I guess I can live with it.

Then today when the above situation happened (40% - 5% in a matter of 10 mins) I was in class. So when I got home I plugged her in, then turned her on and I got the stated warning message.All of this information is outputted to a file called %computername%.txt and thn a copy of this file is made to %Temp%

I am having a problem where if the vbscript is run once and the %computername%.txt file doesn't already exisit, I get a permission denied error. (It creates the .txt file, but doesn't enter any information). However if I then run the vbscript again with the .txt file already created, it works fine. Can someone tll me what I am doing wrong cos it is really bugging me.

It hasn't been decided how this script is going to b launched yet, but I am 99% certain it will be kicked off by Kix login scripts. Is there a way for th batch file that Kix launches to determine whether or not machine is laptop or desktop? I think there is a WMI command line engine, but Dell Inspiron 6400 AC Adapter can't remember exactly.

Once we have collected all these %computername%.txt files accross the council, we then would like to import all of these files into 1 csv file. From this file we will then try and determine exactly what customrs need to be contacted to arrange replacement battries. I can't beleive there isn't a solution for this from Dell. I know they have a webpage, but that relies on the person having access to the internet. I was hoping that a WMI script could find out the serial number of the battery, but it appears not to drill down that far.

So that's pretty much the story. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is it a real issue?

I wonder if it's covered under warranty... I'll have to look into that.FWIW, a NB battery deteriorates over time regardless if you use it or not. Dell will tell you the battery is only good for 300 charge/recharge cycles, although it could last for more, the mileage varies. And there are other factors that also speed up the process, like heat.

Dell has always released bios updates to improve battery life. I would suggest you check you have the latest version once you get a new battery.

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how to keep Dell Inspiron 6400 AC Adapter

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how to keep Dell Inspiron 6400 AC Adapter

This article was published on 2012/05/23