How to Jump Start Your Car Safely

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First some safety warnings - please read: Hydrogen and oxygen gases are produced during normal battery operation. These gases can explode if flames sparks or lighted cigarettes are brought near the battery. When charging or using a battery in an enclosed place always provide ventilation and shield your eyes. Keep auto batteries out of reach of children.

Auto batteries contain sulfuric acid, which is dangerous -- avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Also, shield your eyes when working near batteries to protect against possible splashing of acid solution.

In case of accidentally acid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing, flush immediately with water for a minimum of 15 minutes. If acid is swallowed, drink large quantities of milk or water, followed by Milk of Magnesia, a beaten egg, or vegetable oil. Seek medical aid immediately.

To jump start a negative ground battery:

Use particular care when connecting a booster battery to a discharged battery.

1. Position the vehicle so the jump leads will easily reach while ensuring that the vehicles do not touch. Alternatively, a fully charged slave battery can be positioned on the floor adjacent to the vehicle.

2. Ensure that the ignition and all electrical accessories are switched off, the parking brake is applied, and neutral is selected on a manual gearbox. With an automatic gearbox select neutral or park.

3. Then connect the jump leads as follows:

3A. Connect one end of the first jumper cable to the positive terminal of the booster battery

3B. Connect the other end of the first jumper cable to positive terminal of the discharged battery

3C. Connect one end of the second jumper cable to the negative terminal of the booster battery.

3D. Connect other end of the second jumper cable to a good earth ground, not to the negative terminal of the discharged battery. Keep the jumper lead away from moving parts police drive belts and family assemblies.

Warning: making the final cable connection could cause an electrical arc which if made near the battery could cause an explosion.

3E. If the booster battery is installed in another vehicle start its engine and allow it to idle.

3F. Start the engine of the vehicle with the discharged battery.

Caution: If the vehicle fails to start within a maximum time of 12 seconds, switch the ignition off and investigate the cause. Failing to follow this instruction could result in your irreparable damage to catalysts.

3G. Remove the negative jumper cable from the engine and then terminal of the booster battery.

3H. Last, remove the positive jumper cable from the positive terminals of the booster battery and discharged batteries.

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How to Jump Start Your Car Safely

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This article was published on 2010/03/30