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If you have purchased the golf cart of your dream, then you have to keep proper care of it to keep it running with the best performance. If you have bought an electric golf cart, you are lucky to reap a number of benefits that it offers as compared to other types of carts. The noise free operation along with the lack of pollution makes them highly sought after carts when compared to gas powered models. But since they work with battery and not fuel, you will have to keep the battery and battery charger in good condition. You will be provided with a golf battery charger with your cart. Taking proper care of your battery charger and keeping the battery fully charged and properly maintained is highly important to increase the life expectancy of your vehicle. If you are searching for some reliable information on a golf battery charger and how to maintain it properly, then this article will help you completely.

Required for recharging the electrical systems, the golf cart battery chargers are highly important for your cart. It can charge your cart to 36 to 48 volts that would be mostly required for the good performance of your cart. How many days the charge may last on your battery would depend on the locality you are residing. Most probably, it can last up to 2 to 3 days after which you will have to charge the batteries again. Therefore regular checking of the battery charge and keeping it fully charged is important for your cart. Most of the cart batteries are warranted for around 1000 charges after which you have to replace your batteries with a new one. This replacement stage may also depend on how you are using your golf cart on the course.

Another thing that you should know about your battery charger is the different charger levels they come with. When using the battery for the first time, you have to charge them at the maximum to reach around 80 % of its voltage and this stage is known as the initial charging. The next level is known as the absorption mode. Along with replacing the batteries when they get damaged or become old, you should also take care of the voltage regulation.


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Golf Cart Battery Chargers

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This article was published on 2010/10/21