Going “Smart” in Tandem

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The future is looking very bright with appearance of new ideas in most fields especially in the area of technology. Scientists and engineers have been making it one of their topmost goals to bring about change in technology by making devices and machinery which can actually think for themselves with little or no human intervention. Just by currently looking all around us, it is easy to see that these people are certainly in the right track with their advancement in making appliances and devices “smart.” Well, in the area of batteries as well as with their accompanying chargers, considerable progress has been witnessed in making them “smart”.

Although not entirely left without human intervention, these chargers (known as smart battery chargers) with their batteries (known as smart batteries) have made life significantly easier for the users by joining in the “smart” trend of technology:  they adjust accordingly to what is needed with little or no human maintenance.

There were the solo smart chargers that operated through its microprocessor circuitry which enabled it to respond accordingly by sensing the condition of its “dumb” (normal) batteries. If the smart charger sensed that the battery was already fully charged, it would change its charging actions and stop charging completely to prevent overcharging. This was already a marked advantage for several users of the smart chargers as it allowed them to make more use for their time and money. Now, technology has made the situation irresistible to users once again by making the battery and charger in tandem, making them both “smart.”

Like a new generation of smart devices, the smart battery chargers and the smart batteries work together with the same technology. It is not like before where detection and response was one-sided; both the smart battery chargers and the smart batteries have microprocessor circuitry in them which allow them to respond with each other. The charger again detects several factors that aid in its charging performance such as voltage, circuit and resistance. The embedded microchips in both the charger and batteries can help the user find out the status of the charging process and battery. These efficient and hi-tech charger and batteries are typically used where the devices are used for precision such as medical equipment, and video and photography equipment. It is convenient that the manufacturers of these products thought to sell both in tandem to provide maximum performance of both the charger and the battery.

Few of the only downsides with these products is the relative expensiveness compared to other batteries and chargers, and that it will not work very well if the smart battery charger and smart battery used do not come from the same manufacturer.

It is very clear that this generation of “smart” technology is moving towards better and more efficient devices, appliances and equipment. Users who are up to following this continuing “smart” trend will find it apt to buy the smart battery chargers and accompanying smart batteries for their important, high-precision equipment to make certain that these devices work up to speed with the maximum potential possible.

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Going “Smart” in Tandem

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Going “Smart” in Tandem

This article was published on 2012/05/26