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It’s down days like today that give us the chance to buy the best names cheaper. And the best names are cloud stocks. Here’s why you need to be figuring out how to get invested in the cloud, and if you want to know how I’m trading the cloud stocks, just sign up at The financial media love to solve problems after the fact. Three years later with major indexes 80% off their lows, the talking heads are still devoting their days to dissecting the who-what-where-why-how of the Great Recession. Hey, if I had been bullish at Dow 14,000 and bearish at Dow 7,000, I’d try a little misdirection too.

Lucky for us, they are missing out on the fomenting of the new new thing: the cloud bubble.

Even if you paid extra special attention in social studies, you probably can’t name a single gold company that prospered in the mid-19th century and is around today. But you’d hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Levi Strauss & Co., who made the miners’ work apparel of choice. To belabor the point, you want to be positioned agnostically as possible for the cloud buildout; Cisco Systems Inc. and Riverbed are the two best names in the pick-and-shovel trade.

Recently, the world has become obsessed with what I’ll refer to collectively as “hard assets.” The dollar is tanking as Prof. Ben Bernanke brings academia to monetary policy. University endowments are hoarding gold on the advice of their alumni. Central banks, master market-timers that they are, are accumulating (or refusing to sell) bullion at these record levels. Farmland has seen more bubbles this century than almost any other asset in America, but yet again prices in the heartland are seeing double-digit gains — per quarter. After a brief interruption in 2008, investors of all stripes have come barreling back in to anything that they think is getting scarcer.

For instance, lithium consumption in batteries such as dell 1691P battery, dell 75UYF battery, dell 5081P battery, dell 6Y270 battery, dell 1X793 battery, dell C1295 battery, dell 6T473 battery, dell PC764 battery, dell TD175 battery, dell 8N544 battery, dell GD761 battery, dell KD476 battery, dell TD347 battery was up dramatically from 2002 to 2010, and is projected to climb fourfold over the next 10 years, according to the TRU Group’s estimates. Impressive, right? Commercial lithium-ion batteries didn’t even exist a few years back.

Bubbles happen because investors love to extrapolate charts like this ad infinitum. Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile SA

the company with the highest lithium output, had a market capitalization of $35 million in 1993. Today SQM is worth $8.47 billion, rough 227 times what you could have bought the whole company for in the Clinton years.

In investing the price you pay matters, and all commodities have been in a secular boom for some time now. The real money was made before the world knew what a lithium battery was. The time to get long commodities was before Jim Rogers created an index for retail investors, not when he is advising MBA students to become farmers.

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Cloud Revolution

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This article was published on 2011/05/20