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Small and compact are these electrical powerhouses that make our day-to-day life so easy and manageable. It is environmentally safer to use the rechargeable batteries, as you reduce the toxic waste that occurs when you throw out the used batteries. It is important that you dispose of the discharged batteries in the correct and instructed manner.

Let's discuss some of the uses of batteries

Today VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries are being substituted in a number of applications because of their well regulated charging, avoidance of leakage of the electrolytes and are also used where the traditional flooded batteries cannot be used.
VRLA batteries are suited for the following applications:

Deep Discharge, Deep Cycle Applications:
• Sailboats
• Electronics
• Marine trolling
• Golf carts
• Portable powers
• Floor scrubbers
• Wheelchairs
• Personnel carriers
• Marine and RV house power
• Commercial deep cycle applications

Emergency Backup and Standby Applications:
• Solar power
• Village power
• UPS (Uninterrupted Power Systems)
• Computer backup
• Emergency lighting
• Telephone switching
• Cable television

Unusual Demanding Applications:
• Race cars
• Wet environments
• Air transport equipment
• Marine and RV starting
• Off-road vehicles
• Diesel and I.C.E. starting

Flooded Batteries:

Flooded lead acid batteries are most commonly used in both the marine and automotive industries. These batteries are generally less expensive than the AGM or Gel battery, but do not offer the same shelf life. Most flooded batteries require regular maintenance and the electrolyte levels always need to be maintained above the cell's plates.

Deep Cycle Batteries:

Deep cycle batteries are designed to supply all the accessory power without having immediate replacement charge from an alternator or a generator. Unlike car batteries, deep cycle batteries are constructed with thicker grids of antimony lead alloy and have a denser paste to active material so it can withstand discharge and recharge cycles. This ability to deliver a constant power with long cycle life makes the deep cycle battery an ideal solution for a range of both industrial and recreational applications like:
• Caravan battery
• Gold buggies
• Electric scooter
• Four wheel drive vehicles
• Electric wheelchairs
• Boat battery
• Pallet movers
• Scissor lifts
• Solar devices
• Auxiliary power supplies

These are just a few of the applications in which a battery is used.

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Battery Applications

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